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June 02, 2009
Judge’s order puts skids on motorcycle parts dealer’s deceptive sales practices

Goldendale couple told to pay more than $89,000

GOLDENDALE – The Washington Attorney General’s Office is working to “keep the dirty side down”* for motorcycle enthusiasts who shop for parts over the Internet.

When bikers across the country began complaining about not receiving the parts they bought from a Washington-based business, the Consumer Protection Division hammered down* and sued Slade and Shawna Kitchens, of Dallesport, in September 2008.

“The Kitchens took their customers for a ride when they took their cash but didn’t ship their throttle cables, gas tanks and other parts,” said Assistant Attorney General Mary Lobdell. “Today’s court order shuts them down.”

The state accused the Kitchens of violating the state’s consumer protection law by failing to ship orders, provide refunds or obtain required business licenses.

Klickitat County Superior Court Judge Brian Altman agreed, permanently barring the Kitchens from selling or buying vehicle parts or telecommunications equipment over the Internet. The decision also prohibits them from making misrepresentations should they operate another retail business in the future.

The Kitchens were ordered to pay $25,000 in penalties and $13,400 in restitution for nearly 60 customers. The pair must also reimburse the state for more than $51,000 in attorneys’ fees and legal costs. The order filed today came as a default motion after the defendants failed to respond to the state’s lawsuit.

The Kitchens sold engines, transmissions, seats and other parts online at and They also sold telecommunications parts online at The Web sites are no longer in operation.

They conducted business under a plethora of names: Jeff’s Cycles, Hood River Cycles, PTC Telecom, Cycle Parts 2007, S&S Cycles, Motor Parts Corp., Vintage Cycle Parts, Prospect Tel. & Cycle, Denver Monahan, Hood River Installers, Comm and Data Equipment, Telcom & Data Resale, Gorge PTC, Refurbishing Dock-Comm & Data Equipment and

Slade Kitchens sometimes used the names Joe Matthews, Terry Reynolds, T. Shine and Denver.

The Attorney General’s Office is mailing letters to consumers starting this Friday. Lobdell said the Attorney General’s Office will do everything possible to collect on the judgment but that the Kitchens don’t have much money.

The Attorney General's Office thanked the Better Business Bureau for its assistance in the case.


State’s Memo Supporting Default Judgment
Order of Default
Default Judgment, Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law

* Keep the dirty side down:  A parting expression between bikers meaning “ride safely.”
* Hammer down:  Accelerate quickly.

Media Contact: Kristin Alexander, Media Relations Manager – Seattle, (206) 464-6432



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