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AGO Opinions with Topic: FEE SCHEDULE
AGO 1960 No. 170 >  December 27, 1960
OFFICES AND OFFICERS - COUNTY - SHERIFF -FEE SCHEDULE (1) A sheriff may charge ten cents per mile in serving a summons and complaint where service is not obtained until the fifth trip.(2)  A $2.00 fee is applicable to returns of execution, personal and real, attachments, personal and real, and order of sale, personal and real.(3)  Under RCW 36.18.040 the fee for serving or executing any other writ or process in a civil action or proceeding not specifically covered by other provisions of the act is $2.00 and mileage; and for the execution of any process requiring or commanding something to be done in a criminal action the fee is $4.00. (4)  The sheriff may charge $3.00 for levying each writ of attachment or execution and $2.00 for filing the same with the auditor.(5)  In computing mileage traveled the sheriff may round off the mileage traveled at the nearest mile.(6)  The fees to be charged for processing of a sale under order of sale and execution are set forth in the opinion.(7)  Under RCW 6.16.020 (3) a television set may be included in the exemption from execution allowed a household.
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