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Other blogs we/I think you should be reading

Other blogs we/I think you should be reading

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Let’s face it, we can’t cover everything here at All Consuming. Heck, we’re not even a “we.” I’m the only person blogging on All Consuming these days and there's always more news than time to post. But you, consumer-savvy reader, deserve to know what else is going on. So I figure I should share with you the other blogs, news feeds, etc. that I monitor; the ones I think you should be reading in addition to All Consuming.

Some, but not all, of these sites allow you to post comments. All provide RSS feeds. Speaking of comments, seems nearly everyone has an opinion on the Fisher/DISH Network dispute or gas vouchers but I'm curious what else is on your mind these days. So pipe up and tell me what we/I should be covering on All Consuming.

  • – This advocacy site was founded in 1998 by a former journalist and flak. Writers cover consumer news, recalls and more. Also on Twitter at
  • Gov Gab – Gov Gab's seven bloggers share practical tips and information from the federal government. They're entertaining, too.
  • MoneyTalks – Brought to you by our state Department of Financial Institutions. Also on Twitter at and
  • BBB NewsCenter – Updates about scams, consumer tips, advice for businesses, etc., from the Better Business Bureau.
  • – Experts address topics related to mortgages, investing, credit cards, taxes, etc.
  • – News articles related to finance and investing.
  • MerchantCouncil – Still more credit info. Target audience is business folks.
  • 43(B) – Blogger Rebecca Tushnet teaches law at Georgetown University and writes about deceptive advertising, among other things.
  • Consumer Law and Policy Blog – Lawyers and law profs share their views on credit, privacy issues, consumer rights, litigation, etc.
  • Pueblo’s Consumer News feed – The U.S. General Service Administration operates a Federal Citizen Information Center in Pueblo, Colo. For some reason, they call their news feed “Pueblo” instead of FCIC. Anyway, you can get updates from them.
  • You can also receive consumer stories via RSS from KING TV, KOMO TV, KIRO TV, MSNBC, Q13 TV and the Bellingham Herald.

Twitter users can receive links to All Consuming posts and other AG news at

Facebook users can join our Guard IT! Washington group to receive information about identity theft prevention.

Know another good source for consumer protection stories? Share it here.(But remember, links to commercial Web sites that promote products or services aren’t permitted. Comment spam annoys me and will be dumped.)

Posted by AGO Blog Moderator at 04/09/2009 10:12:15 AM | 

I goto for pure entertainment value every day. They even published a post last week highlighting your very own Dell settlement post so it's only fair that they get mentioned here. [BLOG MODERATOR'S RESPONSE: Thanks, K! Good comment and a good site, too.]
Posted by: K ( Email ) at 4/8/2009 4:19 PM

I think there's a new one that should be looked at, and that's's supposed free credit report. My credit card was charged $45.00 three times this month for checking my credit report. I was informed by a friend that I didn't have to pay to get that credit report, that it was free from the top three credit reporting agencies. [BLOG MODERATOR'S RESPONSE: We've mentioned this before on All Consuming, but it's worth a reminder. There is only one truly free Web site -- The rest, unfortunately, want to sign you up for credit monitoring or other services. The site you mention is run by Experian.]
Posted by: Erik ( Email ) at 4/22/2009 10:38 PM

I visit your blog frequently and its very good , I am not a expert webmaster but i like your blog as its very simple and understandable.. please keep it up , 10/10 marks…
Posted by: Seozy ( Email ) at 11/7/2009 2:48 AM

Well even if you are the only one writing for this blog recently it's definitely worth the read.
Posted by: Government Loan Pro ( Email | Visit ) at 11/15/2013 11:43 AM

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