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KB Toys gift cards -- use them, or lose them!

KB Toys gift cards -- use them, or lose them!

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KB ToysIf you have a gift card for KB Toys, shop now. The Washington Attorney General’s Office was notified by legal counsel for KB Toys, Inc., that the company is liquidating its stores and will no longer accept gift cards or store credit after Sunday, Jan. 11.

KB Toys stores and KB operate as separate businesses. Gift cards purchased from stores can’t be spent online, according to a notice on the site.

KB Toys has three stores in Washington: Centralia, North Bend and Vancouver.

Gift cards bought from can be replaced with an electronic gift certificate that can be used for online purchases, according to this notice. The site doesn’t specify when those certificates expire. is a subsidiary of The Parent Company, which also filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Under Washington’s gift card law, gift cards and gift certificates sold by retailers generally never expire or carry expensive maintenance fees. If a company files for bankruptcy, however, it’s up to the court to decide which financial obligations are honored. (Washington’s law doesn't apply to VISA and Mastercard gift cards that can be used anywhere.)


Posted by AGO Blog Moderator at 01/05/2009 04:47:31 PM | 

I have a $25 gift card for kb toys that I had purchased in CVS and was hoping to be able to use it online. Is there anywhere that I can shop with it now - Christmas 2010? [AGO BLOG MODERATOR'S COMMENT: Sorry, I don't know the answer.]
Posted by: cathy ( Email ) at 12/13/2010 12:52 PM

I also had a gift card that was given to me several years ago. i believe it $50. is there any way i can use this card at toy r us since they now bought out kbtoys? [ALL CONSUMING MODERATOR'S RESPONSE: KB Toys went into bankruptcy in 2009 and they sent out a notice that all of their gift cards were expiring after January 11, 2009. Generally gift cards don’t expire, however, if the company files for bankruptcy it’s up to the court to decide which financial obligations are honored. You could contact your local Toys R Us and ask if they will still honor it, but they probably don’t have to.]
Posted by: sscippio ( Email ) at 1/10/2013 6:45 AM

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