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February 26, 2009
Radio sound: Attorney General tells promoters of calorie-burning drink to shape up

Reporter/Anchor: Washington State has announced a settlement with the makers of Enviga, a green tea that was advertised as a kind of weight-loss elixir. Attorney General Rob McKenna says Enviga’s claims didn’t quite pan out.

Enviga 1 (:10)
“They said that if you drank three cans a day you could burn 60 to 100 calories and start to lose weight. But you probably won’t be surprised to hear that those claims are bogus. If you want to lose weight, it’s better to take a brisk walk. “

Reporter/Anchor: The Attorney General says that a study cited by the drink manufacturer was a little questionable.

Enviga 2 (:15)
“There was a three day study of 31 people who were already in pretty good shape. We raised serious questions about the validity of the study because even if the results can be realized by average people, you’d have to drink 105 bottles of Enviga over 35 days to burn a single pound.”

Reporter/Anchor: McKenna says that from now on, the label on Enviga – and on drinks like it – will have to be a little more honest.

Enviga 2 (:13)
“Our settlement requires that they change the way the drink is marketed. From now on they have to make it clear on the label that drinking Enviga will not burn enough calories to result in substantial weight loss and that the only effective way to lighten up is through diet and exercise.”

Reporter/Anchor: Learn more about the Attorney General’s consumer protection work at


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