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August 21, 2008

Reporter:It’s as addictive and potentially as dangerous as heroin -- and it might be sitting in your medicine cabinet right now. It’s a variety of common prescription drugs that, according to Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna, are increasingly being illegally—and lethally—used by kids.


McKenna - Prescription 1 (:09):“These drugs are everywhere. OxyContin has become a pretty common prescription medication. Unfortunately kids have figured out that it can be ground up and smoked for a high.”


Reporter: THAT’S WHYMcKenna has dedicated $100,000 from a consumer protection settlement with the makers of OxyContin to help fund the 2008 youth prevention summit, October 17 and 18 in Yakima. Teens will be taught to use the latest technology to create prevention programs in their schools.


McKenna – Prescription 2  (:08): “This is one of the biggest emerging drug threats to young people. It’s not coming from street corners. It’s coming from our own homes, our own medicine cabinets.”


Reporter:So what should you do to keep your home free of old prescription pills that can be found and abused by teens?


McKenna – Prescription 3  (:20):“Pharmaceuticals should never be flushed down the toilet or thrown in the garbage. Flushing them pollutes our waterways. And throwing them in the trash can put the pills into the hands of abusers who look for them in your garbage. That we’re supporting the Department of Ecology’s efforts to develop safe disposal at your local pharmacy, so you can take the drugs back to where you bought them and have them disposed of without being concerned.”


Reporter:For more information about PROTECTING YOUR TEENS, AND the 2008 Washington State Prevention Summit, go to the Attorney General’s web site,



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