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February 20, 2006
McKenna to testify on Operation Allied Against Meth, Trespass against Children bills

Olympia - Attorney General Rob McKenna will testify on two of his top priority bills tomorrow (Feb. 21) in the House Criminal Justice and Corrections Committee.

McKenna’s Operation: Allied Against Meth bill, Senate Bill 6239, is first on the agenda at tomorrow. The measure, based on recommendations of McKenna’s Operation: Allied Against Meth Task Force, covers substance abuse reduction, clean-up and criminal sanctions, including 100 additional drug treatment slots in prisons, funding for three regional drug task forces in the Southeast, Southwest and Northeast parts of the state and tougher sentences for drug offenders.

ACTUALITY:  Washington needs a comprehensive approach to the meth epidemic. Our proposal focuses on drug treatment, law enforcement and environmental clean-up to provide targeted solutions which help the most people statewide. (11 seconds)

The committee will also hear McKenna’s bill to crack down on sex offenders who lurk in public places where children play or learn, such at community centers, swimming pools, day cares and parks. The bill allows employees of such facilities to ban level II and III sex offenders from these areas when children are present and also creates a new felony crime for those who violate this law called “Criminal Trespass against Children.”

ACTUALITY: Our “Criminal Trespass against Children” bill gives employees at facilities where children learn and play the tools they need to keep sex predators away from our children. Parents must always be vigilant, but this bill helps us protect children in public places and provides a tough penalty for offenders who fail to comply. (18 seconds)


Media Contacts: Janelle Guthrie, AG Media Relations Director, (360) 586-0725

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