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SPOKANE — The Attorney General’s Office filed charges today against a 76-year-old Spokane man accused of rape.


Attorney General’s Office presented arguments to defend I-502, uphold will of the voters

KENNEWICK — A third superior court judge today agreed with an opinion issued by the Attorney General’s Office last year, concluding that nothing in Initiative 502 overrides local governments’ authority to regulate or ban marijuana businesses.

PORTLAND, Ore. — This week, the Attorney General’s Office will defend rules requiring pharmacies to fill lawful prescriptions for time-sensitive medications.

Sex offender stashed rape kit near Gonzaga University, wrote about plans to rape and dismember adult store clerk

SPOKANE — A Spokane County jury has decided that repeat sex offender Shawn Botner is a dangerous predator and must be confined in the State’s Special Commitment Center on McNeil Island. 

OLYMPIA – Gov. Jay Inslee today announced that he is appointing Gretchen Leanderson to Pierce County Superior Court. Leanderson has served in the Washington State Office of the Attorney General since 1988 where she is currently the Division Chief of the AG’s Tacoma Division.

OLYMPIA — Attorney General Bob Ferguson today joined a “friend of the court” brief opposing a lawsuit that threatens health care coverage gains under the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

SHELTON — The Attorney General’s Office filed three misdemeanor charges today against a Tahuya man accused of using heavy machinery to fill and alter the course of the Tahuya River near his home without any permits.
TACOMA — The Attorney General’s Office has filed a petition in Pierce County Superior Court seeking to civilly commit a Tacoma-area sex offender and prevent his release into the community.
SPOKANE — Prosecutors from the Attorney General Bob Ferguson’s Criminal Litigation Unit are in Spokane today for the start of a trial against a Spokane County Sheriff’s deputy accused of insurance fraud.

SEATTLE—Attorney General Bob Ferguson issued the following statement after today's deadly shooting at Marysville Pilchuck High School.


OLYMPIA – Gov. Jay Inslee and Attorney General Bob Ferguson are asking a federal judge to amend a 2010 agreement with the U.S. Department of Energy and establish new requirements for retrieving and treating Hanford’s tank waste and constructing new double-shelled tanks.

SEATTLE – Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson offered the following statement after today’s announcement that U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder will resign when his successor is confirmed.


OLYMPIA — Statement from Attorney General Bob Ferguson on Jenny Durkan’s resignation as U.S. Attorney


OLYMPIA — The Attorney General’s Office yesterday filed a brief in the case of MMH, LLC v. Fife. The plaintiffs in this case seek to open marijuana businesses in Fife despite the city’s ban on such businesses. The city argues that it is not required to allow such businesses under Initiative 502. The city also argues that if I-502 does require it to allow such businesses, then I-502 is preempted by federal law. The AGO intervened in this case to defend I-502 and its proper interpretation.
SEATTLE — Attorney General Bob Ferguson yesterday asked the U.S. District Court in Seattle, Wash. for permission to file an amicus, or “friend of the court,” brief in the J.E.F.M. v. Holder lawsuit. Ferguson believes that unaccompanied immigrant children — children under the age of 18 who are not accompanied by a parent or legal guardian when they are apprehended in the United States — should not be forced to represent themselves in complex deportation hearings in which the child’s future is at stake.
OLYMPIA — Attorney General Bob Ferguson today moved to intervene in three marijuana lawsuits filed against the cities of Wenatchee and Fife. Businesses that applied for marijuana licenses have sued these cities in Chelan and Pierce County Superior Courts to challenge city ordinances that block them from operating. The AGO is intervening to defend Initiative 502, not to support the plaintiffs’ or cities’ positions.
Spokane – A Spokane woman stands accused of raking in more than $100,000 in disability benefits while working with her husband to operate his motel, and their nightclub and apartment building.
The Attorney General’s Office is hosting a discussion with distinguished panelists regarding state Rep. John Goldmark’s 1962 “red-baiting” attack, and the historic lawsuit that followed.
Attorney General Bob Ferguson offered the following statement regarding the news that Billy Frank, Jr. died today.
Gov. Jay Inslee today announced that he is appointing Tanya Thorp to King County Superior Court.  Thorp has worked for 12 years for the Attorney General of Washington as an Assistant Attorney General.

Issues proposed revision to 2010 Consent Decree
AGO joint release with the Governor's Office and Department of Ecology

OLYMPIA – Governor Jay Inslee and Attorney General Bob Ferguson today issued new demands to the U.S. Department of Energy to ensure timely Hanford cleanup in the form of a proposed plan to revise the 2010 Consent Decree. The proposal aims to prevent the federal government from delaying cleanup of Hanford’s radioactive and hazardous tank waste.

The Attorney General’s Office today released a formal Attorney General’s Opinion regarding the impact of Initiative 1185 on the Transportation Commission’s authority to set tolls and ferry fares.
“On behalf of the Office of the Attorney General, my heart goes out to the friends and families of those lost in the Oso landslide as well as those who have not yet been rescued. We are grateful for our first responders and for all who continue to work tirelessly to locate missing residents and protect against future disasters.”
In response to a request from Sharon Foster, chair of the Washington State Liquor Control Board, the Attorney General’s Office today released a formal Attorney General’s Opinion regarding local ordinances affecting new marijuana businesses in Washington. 

$49M in principal mortgage reductions for struggling homeowners and $1,000+ cash payments to eligible foreclosed borrowers in Washington state 

Tougher mortgage servicing standards hold Ocwen accountable for past practices, ensure fundamental servicing reforms 

SEATTLE — Ocwen Financial Corporation of Atlanta, Georgia, and its subsidiary, Ocwen Loan Servicing, have agreed to a joint state-federal settlement with Attorney General Bob Ferguson, 48 additional states and the District of Columbia, and the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).

The Attorney General’s Office today released an informal opinion that addresses the most time-sensitive part of a four-part request made by Interim Grays Harbor County Prosecutor Gerald Fuller. The opinion addresses the process for filling the vacancy in the Grays Harbor County Prosecutor’s office caused by the retirement of former prosecutor, Stew Menefee, in September.
King County Superior Court Judge Jean Rietschel today issued a ruling that the state’s 2012 charter schools initiative may continue to be implemented.
 The judge upheld the charter schools law, as written, against multiple constitutional arguments, finding that only one limited aspect of the law should be stricken.
Flanked by a bipartisan group of legislators, Attorney General Bob Ferguson unveiled a 2014 legislative agenda focused on veterans, open government, safer communities and protections for consumers against businesses who do not play by the rules.
Attorney General Bob Ferguson has honored Senior Counsel Andy Fitz with the Attorney General’s 2013 Steward of Justice Award. The award recognizes assistant attorneys general who further the cause of justice through exceptional legal work and extraordinary contributions to the people of Washington.
Attorney General Bob Ferguson has selected six assistant attorneys general to receive the 2013 William V. Tanner Award for outstanding achievements early in their careers.  Ferguson established the new award this year in honor of the youngest Attorney General in state history.

AG alleges association skirted disclosure rules in $7.2 million contribution to No on Initiative 522 campaign

Attorney General Bob Ferguson today filed suit in Thurston County Superior Court alleging that the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) violated the state’s campaign disclosure laws. Ferguson alleges the GMA illegally collected and spent more than $7 million while shielding the identity of its contributors. The funds were spent to express opposition to Initiative 522, a measure requiring labeling of genetically engineered foods, seeds and seed products in Washington.

OLYMPIA – The Washington State Department of Financial Institutions (DFI) and the Office of Attorney General Bob Ferguson are pleased to announce the screening of American Winter at 6:30 p.m. Oct. 24 at the Grand Theatre in Tacoma. The documentary, directed by Emmy Award-winning filmmakers Joe and Harry Gantz (Taxicab Confessions, The Defenders), follows the personal stories of eight families struggling in the wake of the economic downturn. Shot over the winter of 2011-12 in Portland, OR, this powerful film reveals the human impact of budget cuts to social services, rising poverty and economic inequality, and the fracturing of the American Dream.

Evaluating response options

SEATTLE - Today, the U.S. Department of Energy (USDOE) informed the Washington State Attorney General’s Office that the federal government is at substantial risk of failing to meet three more milestones ordered by the court in the 2010 Hanford Cleanup Consent Decree.

Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson, along with 13 other attorneys general, sent a letter to the Secretary of Agriculture demanding that the department and the U.S. Forest Service return sequestered funds owed to the states.


Attorney General Bob Ferguson today informed the members of the Washington State Sunshine Committee he has restored the Open Government Assistant Attorney General to a full-time position. Ferguson will begin recruitment today.
1,500 Washington state victims will receive full restitution, between $1k-$20k
SEATTLE — Attorney General Bob Ferguson announced today the settlement of a major timeshare consumer protection case involving Jonathan and Christine Gibbs of Olympia.

Roberts brings federal prosecuting experience, Melroy brings budgeting and financial expertise

Attorney General Bob Ferguson announced today he has selected Darwin Roberts, a federal prosecutor for the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), to serve as a Deputy Attorney General. Roberts will be one of five deputies who oversee a number of Attorney General’s Office (AGO) legal divisions and provide strategic leadership. Ferguson also announced the selection of Mark Melroy, Senior Legislative Analyst and former Budget Manager for the King County Council, as the Chief Financial Officer.

The Attorney General’s Office today released a formal Attorney General’s Opinion in response to a request by Sen. Kevin Ranker, D-Orcas Island.

Ranker asked if a public hospital district violates Initiative 120 if it solely contracts with a health care provider that does not provide reproductive care services such as contraception.
Attorney General Bob Ferguson announced today he has selected David Horn, Assistant Regional Director for the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and former Assistant Attorney General, to serve as his Chief Deputy, the highest ranking legal position in the Attorney General’s Office (AGO).
As required under Initiative 960, the Attorney General has sent written notice to the Secretary of State identifying legislation adopted in the 2013 legislative session that is subject to an advisory vote of the people under Initiative 960.
OLYMPIA—Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson today urged the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) to strengthen federal Military Lending Act (MLA) regulations to better protect servicemembers from abusive lending practices.
SEATTLE — The Public Counsel Division of the Washington State Attorney General’s Office (AGO) today challenged the electric rate increases proposed by PacifiCorp, which operates in Washington as Pacific Power and Light Company.
OLYMPIA…Attorney General Bob Ferguson offered his condolences as friends, colleagues and family of Sen. Mike Carrell honor him at his public memorial on Monday, June 10.
After an extensive investigation and litigation, the Attorney General’s Office today announced a settlement with Caicos Corporation for multiple violations of the state’s prevailing wage laws, resulting in a total payment of more than $64,000 plus $25,000 in interest to 14 misclassified workers.
Borrowers who submitted a valid foreclosure payment claim through the National Mortgage Settlement will receive a check this month for approximately $1,480, much higher than the amount of $840 first announced.
Attorney General Bob Ferguson today announced the hiring of Alison Dempsey-Hall as Deputy Communications Director.  
OLYMPIA—Washington has joined with other states and the federal government in a $500 million dollar settlement to resolve civil and criminal allegations against Ranbaxy, a generic pharmaceutical manufacturer based in Gurgaon, India. The company is alleged to have introduced adulterated—or tainted— drugs into interstate commerce, resulting in false or fraudulent claims being submitted to Washington’s Medicaid Program.
Governor Jay Inslee today signed Attorney General-request legislation making courthouses safer for the people of Washington. He also signed measures supported by the Attorney General expanding the use of treatment courts and creating a statewide coordinating committee to fight child sex trafficking
CAMP MURRAY, WASHINGTON – The Washington Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR), a Department of Defense operational committee, announced that Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson signed a Statement of Support for the Guard and Reserve today at Camp Murray.
Attorney General Bob Ferguson today announced he has selected Senior Counsel Pam Anderson as the new Torts Division Chief.
Attorney General Bob Ferguson’s High-Tech Unit has secured a $97,000 settlement with ZookaWare, an Arizona-based software company, and its owner for engaging in unfair and deceptive practices against consumers over the last several years.
The Legislature has approved a bipartisan measure proposed by Attorney General Bob Ferguson to extend current courthouse protections to all residents accessing the courts.
Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson has ordered T-Mobile to correct deceptive advertising that promised consumers no annual contracts while carrying hidden charges for early termination of phone plans.  Today, the Attorney General's Office filed a court order signed by T-Mobile and effective nationwide that will ensure the company clearly communicates the limitations of its new “no-contract” wireless service plans and allows customers duped by the deceptive ads to exit their contracts with no penalty.
Attorney General Bob Ferguson and Secretary of State Kim Wyman today expressed their condolences to the victims of the horrific violence at the 2013 Boston Marathon—and warned people not to fall victim to fake fundraisers using the tragedy to scam people into making bogus contributions.
OLYMPIA—Attorney General Bob Ferguson today shared news that Microsoft recently used a new Washington unfair competition law to resolve a dispute over software licensing issues with the world’s fourth largest aircraft manufacturer, Embraer.
Pasco—Franklin County Superior Court Judge Vic L. VanderSchoor sentenced Dennis Merle Huston of Pasco, Wash., to 16 years today after Huston pled guilty to a complicated embezzlement scheme involving millions of dollars dating back to March 1990.
As Americans celebrate National Medal of Honor Day today, Attorney General Bob Ferguson unveiled one of the first major pieces of his veterans’ initiative: new Web-based resources for Washington’s veterans, active-duty military service members and their families.
SEATTLE – The Public Counsel Division of the Washington State Attorney General’s Office will recommend Friday that the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission (WUTC) continue investigating the so-called “hedging” strategies used by utility companies in their natural gas purchasing strategies.  Public Counsel will also further recommend that the WUTC order that certain hedging costs not be passed to customers.
BELLINGHAM, WA – March 14, 2013 – The operator of the now-closed Bayside Café in Bellingham has been charged with the theft of at least $286,000 in sales tax he collected from customers but failed to remit to the Washington State Department of Revenue.
OLYMPIA-- Attorney General Bob Ferguson announced today that Washington has joined with other states and the federal government in a $22.5 million settlement with Par Pharmaceutical Companies, Inc. (“Par”). The states allege Par promoted sales of the drug Megace ES for uses not approved as safe and effective by the Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) and not covered by the State Medicaid programs.
EVERETT – March 6, 2013 – A Bothell contractor was charged today with stealing nearly $23,000 in sales tax between 2004 and 2010 and covering up the theft by filing fraudulent tax returns.
OLYMPIA...Call them scammers, swindlers, fraudsters or grifters. But whatever you do, don’t believe a word they say.
OLYMPIA—The Walla Walla County Superior Court Friday entered a preliminary injunction, ordering several Northwest auto dealerships owned by Mark Gilbert to comply with Washington dealer and consumer protection laws, requiring prompt payoff of customers’ trade-in vehicles.
Attorney General Bob Ferguson today announced the hiring of Kendee Yamaguchi as Director of Policy, Legislative Affairs and External Relations.
“Today, we had a cordial, successful first meeting. Governor Inslee and I communicated Washington state’s intention to move forward in implementing I-502. We have assembled a legal team in the Attorney General’s Office, and I have made legal implementation of this initiative a top priority. This will be an on-going discussion, and we plan to continue our dialogue with Attorney General Holder in the coming months.”
Attorney General-Elect Bob Ferguson today announced the selection of Seattle attorney Noah Guzzo Purcell as the new Solicitor General for the Washington State Attorney General's Office (AGO), replacing retiring Solicitor General Maureen Hart
SEATTLE, WA – Washington State Attorney General-elect Bob Ferguson announced the names of his transition committee today. Comprised of a statewide coalition of civic and legal community leaders, transition committee members will lend expertise from law enforcement, civil litigation practice, and both the public and private sectors to advise Ferguson as he prepares to take office.
Advice for surviving “Black Friday” and beyond

SEATTLE –  It’s become a yearly tradition at the Attorney General’s Office to release a list of holiday shopping tips. This year, Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna recruited attorneys, investigators and other office staff to chip in with their suggestions.

Attorney General-Elect Bob Ferguson has announced the appointment of the top two leadership positions for his new administration. Mamie Marcuss will serve as Chief of Staff, overseeing operations, communications, policy, and government affairs.  Chief Deputy Brian Moran will continue to manage legal operations.


The Washington State Supreme Court has unanimously rejected the appeal of a convicted rapist challenging the verdict that found him to be a mentally ill sexual predator. South Hill Rapist Kevin Coe will remain civilly committed as a sexually violent predator at the state's Special Commitment Center on McNeil Island.

SEATTLE – Thirteen Washington non-profit organizations will split the $43.8 million the state received to fund foreclosure relief as part of the landmark $25 billion national settlement with the country’s five largest mortgage servicers announced in February.

The Washington State Attorney General's Office has settled a case with a trustee company formerly doing business in Washington for failing to comply with the state's laws.

McKenna was in town promoting the Washington Homeownership Information Hotline, which connects struggling borrowers with counselors such as those at Apprisen. Today he repeated his warning that borrowers should stay away from those who offer potential loan modifications for an upfront fee, adding that such pitches come in email, phone calls and letters.

NASCAR Driver and NW Native Kasey Kahne featured in new PSA on first annual “Stop the Texts Day”
SEATTLE – A shocking number of young drivers – who are already more accident-prone than older drivers –“text while driving.” As president of the National Association of Attorneys General, Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna is helping sound the alarm about the dangerous practice.

 OLYMPIA – Richard (Rick) Weber and Tienney Milnor will join the Attorney General’s Office to investigate and prosecute workers compensation fraud for the Department of Labor and Industries’ Fraud Investigations Program (L&I). Weber started today. Milnor joins him May 16.

OLYMPIA — An ophthalmologist today pled guilty to stealing more than $51,000 from state and federal health care programs. In July, state prosecutors charged Dr. Behrouz Pirouzkar with three counts of First Degree Attempted Identity Theft and two counts of Medicaid False Statement.

SEATTLE – In a continuing, bi-national effort to strengthen the legal systems in both the United States and Mexico, Attorney General Rob McKenna will host eighteen prosecutors from six Mexico states participating in a four-day, cross-jurisdictional law enforcement training to be held in Seattle this weekend.

SEATTLE – Standing today with two survivors of modern day slavery, the attorneys general of Washington state and Massachusetts announced that the National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG) will continue the fight against traffickers after McKenna steps down as the organization’s president.

Cowlitz County Superior Court Judge Stephen Warning upheld Initiative 1183, allowing the state to continue to implement the liquor sales initiative approved by nearly 60 percent of the state’s voters.

SEATTLE – Nearly a year of intense negotiations over mortgage servicing and foreclosure abuses has resulted in the largest consumer financial protection settlement in U.S. history. Thousands of Washington state homeowners stand to benefit who have already lost their homes or are struggling with mortgages larger than the value of their property.

OLYMPIA – Tracy Lundeen and Ken Paulson experienced a kind of terror that, fortunately, most people will never know. Tracy was stalked for nearly two decades by a boy she met when she was just 13.

OLYMPIA–The Attorney General’s Office today (AGO) settled a lawsuit against Moxie Media, its principals Lisa MacLean and Henry Underhill, and two political action committees (PAC) formed by MacLean and Underhill, Conservative PAC and Cut Taxes PAC.

AGs say U.S. trading partners are stealing software -- and the jobs that go with it

OLYMPIA-- Foreign manufacturers are using stolen software to illegally slash costs and unfairly compete with American companies. Thirty-nine state and territorial attorneys general today asked federal authorities to use their existing powers to help strike back against such unfair competition, which costs U.S. jobs.

OLYMPIA – Eighty-two percent of young adult drivers (16-24) have read a text message while driving, according to a national survey conducted by the Ad Council. In an effort to educate young drivers about the dangers of texting while driving, Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna, other State Attorneys General and Consumer Protection agencies, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Ad Council are launching a new public service advertising campaign. The campaign includes TV, radio, outdoor and digital PSAs. New Facebook, Twitter and YouTube social media channels about the subject are also live today.

September 27, 2011 > responds to AGs

OLYMPIA - Today we’ve released the letter from online classified site responding to inquiries from most of the nation’s state attorneys general. We received the letter late Friday.

OLYMPIA – In a 9-0 ruling, the Washington State Supreme Court denied the City of Seattle’s request to require Attorney General Rob McKenna to withdraw Washington from the multi-state lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the federal health care law passed in March 2010 and upheld the Attorney General’s authority to defend the public interest.

OLYMPIA – The Washington State Supreme Court today ruled 7-2 that Attorney General Rob McKenna must file an appeal as requested by the state Commissioner of Public Lands, despite the fact that an Okanogan Superior Court considered and ruled against the Commissioner’s position and despite the Office of the Attorney General’s judgment that the appeal was not in the legal interest of the state of Washington. In its ruling, the court pointed to a specific statute pertaining directly to the Commissioner’s authority to direct legal action.

OLYMPIA – Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna and 45 other attorneys general today called for information about how presumably attempts to remove advertising for sex trafficking, especially ads that could involve minors.

SEATTLE – Programs to help Washington homeowners avoid foreclosure and improve the lives of mental health patients and those suffering from gastrointestinal diseases were recently awarded grants by the Attorney General’s Office.

OLYMPIA – Washington state mental health programs will receive a $1.57 million lift thanks to the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division’s role in regulating unfair marketing practices by a global drug manufacturer.

SEATTLE – Consumers who purchased massage chairs, bath tubs and range hoods from a Bellevue-based company were left waiting … and waiting … for their simulated shiatsu, soaks and steam ventilation, said the Washington Attorney General’s Office.

GRAND MOUND – The White Swan Dream Makers come from a small town roughly 40 miles southwest of Yakima on the Yakama Reservation—a small town with big problems.

Law enforcement heroes recognized in Medal of Honor ceremony

OLYMPIA – Today, Washington State Attorney General McKenna honored four law-enforcement officers who made incredible sacrifices in the line of duty.

SEATTLE  --  Across Washington, immigrants looking for the right to live and work legally in our state are unknowingly risking their futures. The Washington Attorney General’s Office announced 10 new settlements today with individuals accused of illegally practicing immigration law – a legal area so complicated that one wrong step can drastically delay citizenship or completely ruin a family’s chance to pursue the American dream.

Senior US Judge Roger Vinson today in Florida clarified that his January 31 ruling—which declared the federal health care reform act unconstitutional—did in fact order the federal government to cease implementation of the Act. He added he would grant a stay of that decision if the federal government filed a notice of appeal within seven days and agreed to seek expedited review.

A Pierce County jury today returned a unanimous verdict against a Pacific County man charged with shooting a Washington State Patrol trooper in the back of the head in February 2010.

OLYMPIA – The Legislature will hear public testimony on 11 bills requested by Attorney General Rob McKenna this week, 10 pertaining to open government and protection of private property. Monday, Jan. 17: Community Safety: Corrections Savings - Three strikes for frivolous lawsuits , 1:30 p.m., House

OLYMPIA – Five bills requested by Attorney General Rob McKenna are scheduled for public hearings this week.

Bills to save money, foster open government and protect consumers receive bipartisan support

OLYMPIA – Legislators from both parties joined Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna today to announce proposals to save money, protect the vulnerable and make government more accountable.

SEATTLE – The Public Counsel Section of the Washington State Attorney General’s Office has reached an agreement with Qwest, CenturyLink, and the staff of the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission (UTC) on a set of conditions to address concerns with the companies’ proposed merger.

SEATTLE – Attorney General Rob McKenna handed out an early holiday gift of nearly $570,000 in assistance for Washington food bank programs today.

The Attorney General’s Office announced a settlement in its lawsuit against the Washington State Republican Party (WSRP) for violating thestate’s campaign finance disclosure law. 

OLYMPIA – On Monday, Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna will announce legislation to reduce gang violence. Speaking at Yakima’s Miller Park, McKenna will detail legislation crafted over the last several years in consultation with prosecutors, police and community leaders from cities plagued by street gangs. McKenna will also be joined by Yakima legislators and a woman who lost her son in a gang killing.

OLYMPIA – The Washington Supreme Court issued a decision today in which justices unanimously agreed with the Washington Attorney General’s Office that the financial privacy provisions of the federal Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) don’t preempt the state Public Records Act. The ruling also clarified that information about individual mortgage borrowers is still protected as intended under federal law due to exemptions set forth under state law.

Gov. Chris Gregoire today appointed Lisa Sutton to the Thurston County Superior Court. Sutton replaces Judge Richard D. Hicks, whose retirement took effect Sept. 30th, 2010.

The Attorney General’s Office today settled a lawsuit against the Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish Counties (MBA-K&S) for violating the state’s campaign finance disclosure law.

Washington’s investment fund for several public pension systems will receive $11.7 million from State Street Bank in a settlement agreement announced today by Washington State Treasurer James L. McIntire, the Washington State Investment Board (WSIB) and the Attorney General’s Office.

Senior U.S. District Court Judge Fred Van Sickle in Spokane has approved and entered a judicial consent decree that imposes a new, enforceable and achievable schedule for cleaning up waste from Hanford’s underground tanks.

Investigators have linked alcoholic “energy” drinks to the alcohol poisoning that hospitalized nine college students after a party in Roslyn, Wash., on Oct. 9. The investigation also concluded that no students were given drugs or alcohol without their knowledge and that no sexual assault occurred.

The Attorney General’s Office and the Evergreen Freedom Foundation recently settled an eight-year old lawsuit against the National Education Association (NEA), which alleged the organization illegally used fees paid to it by non-members for political purposes. The suit, filed in Thurston County Superior Court in October 2002, alleged the NEA violated a state law barring unions from using non-member fees for political purposes without permission.

SEATTLE – Attorney General Rob McKenna today announced that Gary Ikeda, former senior legal counsel for Seattle Public Schools and a former deputy attorney general, will lead the Attorney General’s University of Washington Division.

OLYMPIA – Washington Attorney General Rob McKenna, a longtime supporter of efforts to end domestic violence, will shine a purple light on this preventable crime during Domestic Violence Awareness Month. During the month of October, the Attorney General’s Office will join others statewide in displaying purple lights to remember victims who lost their lives, support survivors and symbolize hope for those still living with abuse.

Workers face Ethics Act fines for on-the-job shenanigans 

OLYMPIA — A state worker surfing for pornography while on the job, another using state computers exclusively for personal business and a yet another who made off with thousands of dollars in taxpayer-owned equipment are among those facing penalties from the Washington State Executive Ethics Board. Today, the board announced its most recent actions under state ethics laws.

OLYMPIA – The Attorney General’s Office today settled a lawsuit against the Building Industry Association of Washington’s Member Services Corporation (BIAW-MSC) for violating the state’s campaign finance disclosure law.

 McKenna will hold short telephonic media availability

OLYMPIA — The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) will make its second argument before a US District Court judge this week as it continues to fend off constitutional challenges to the nation’s new health care law.

Confessed murderer and rapist Cal Coburn Brown was put to death by lethal injection at 12:56 a.m. on the morning of Sept. 10, 2010, at the Washington State Penitentiary in Walla Walla.

SEATTLE – If dreams of instant riches have you buying stacks of magazines in the hope that Prize Patrol will soon knock on your door, you may be disheartened to know that the only thing you’ve gained over other prize contestants is some reading material. Joining with his colleagues across the country, Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna today announced a new agreement with a company famous for its sweepstakes promotions, Publishers Clearinghouse.

By Rob McKenna, Special to The Seattle Times 

SEATTLE – Hundreds of thousands of consumers may have unknowingly enrolled in membership programs while using Web sites owned by Bellevue, Wash.-based Intelius. A two-year investigation by the Washington Attorney General’s Office alleges that Intelius received thousands of consumer complaints regarding unauthorized enrollment in the programs and that  company management including CEO Naveen Jain knew about the complaints but chose to continue the deceptive and tremendously profitable marketing tactics.

Olympia — The Washington State Supreme Court today issued an important opinion dismissing various  challenges to Washington's method of carrying out lethal injection and lifting the stay of execution for convicted killer and rapist Cal Coburn Brown.

 Doe v. Reed briefs celebrated; McKenna’s chief deputy receives Marvin Award

SEATTLE – Four members of Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna’s office have received prestigious national awards for their public service. The National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG) held its summer meeting in Seattle this week. On Wednesday, officials presented awards to members of McKenna’s Solicitor General’s Office and to his chief deputy.

OLYMPIA – Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna issued the following statement today regarding his determination not to appeal a decision of the Okanogan County Superior Court. After considering all of the arguments presented, the superior court ruled that the Okanogan Public Utility District has authority to acquire through condemnation an easement over school trust lands for a transmission line.

I was sworn in for the second time last year as state attorney general. The oath of office requires that I "swear to support the Constitution of the United States and the constitution and laws of the state of Washington." It's an oath that I'm honored to take — and one that I take very seriously.

OLYMPIA – Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna applauded today President Obama’s signing of the Prevent All Cigarette Trafficking (PACT) Act, saying the new law will help keep tobacco out of kids’ hands and restrain tax evasion.

OLYMPIA – Governor Chris Gregoire today signed into law Attorney General Rob McKenna’s legislation to protect children from sexual exploitation.

OLYMPIA — Attorney General Rob McKenna today issued the following statement about joining a multi-state lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the recently-approved federal health care measure, once it is signed into law.

SEATTLE – A Sammamish-based nonprofit organization recently entered into an agreement with the Washington Attorney General’s Office concerning its charitable solicitations.

OLYMPIA — A King County Superior Court judge today ruled the state does not provide ample funding for basic education then directed the Legislature to establish the cost of providing all Washington children with a basic education and establish how it will fully fund such education with stable and dependable state sources...“Judge Erlick rightly recognizes in his ruling the Legislature’s authority to set education funding policy,” said Attorney General Rob McKenna.

OLYMPIA — Families who have lost their homes due to an inability to pay their property taxes are being targeted by individuals who want to take the little money they have left after the foreclosure sale. Legislation proposed by the Attorney General’s Office aims to protect these families from scammers and help them keep as much of their money as possible.

 Attorney General Rob McKenna announces bills to reign in the government’s eminent domain powers

OLYMPIA — Like so many immigrants to the United States, Henry Kubota sought the American dream: a piece of property; a business; a livelihood. He thought he found it in Seattle, purchasing the Seattle Hotel in 1941.

 OLYMPIA – State Attorney General Rob McKenna wants state lawmakers to make it harder for government to seize private property under the guise of economic development or reducing blight, only to sell the confiscated real estate to private developers.

OLYMPIA – Two of Attorney General Rob McKenna’s public safety bills will receive public hearings Tuesday.

 Bipartisan group of legislators join McKenna’s call to get tough on domestic abusers, criminals who exploit children or seniors 

OLYMPIA — When shocking crimes are committed by repeat offenders, members of the public often ask elected officials why they didn’t do more to keep those criminals off the streets.

OLYMPIA – Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna will be joined by a bipartisan coalition of legislators on Monday as he rolls out his agenda for the 2010 legislative session.

Many adults enjoy drinking during the holidays. But the Washington State Coalition to Reduce Underage Drinking points out that too many parties end tragically when a curious child suffers alcohol poisoning or a friend or relative gets behind the wheel after drinking.
SEATTLE – It’s payback time for Enron, Attorney General Rob McKenna announced today. The Attorney General’s Office sent more than $9 million this week to programs that will benefit utility customers who were gouged by the manufactured energy crisis of 2000-2001.
OLYMPIA — As shoppers prepare to head to big-box stores and shopping malls on Black Friday, Attorney General Rob McKenna today offered money-saving tips for holiday shoppers.
OLYMPIA -- Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna took a leading role in encouraging Congress to get tough on companies that engage in deceptive online sales tactics. McKenna was the only attorney general to testify in connection with Tuesday’s hearing by the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation.

OLYMPIA – They have names like “Joose” and “Max Fury.”  According to state attorneys general, these super-caffeinated alcoholic concoctions may not be safe. And worse, they’re being marketed to young people.

OLYMPIA -- The Washington Supreme Court today unanimously ruled that variations on the way teachers and school staff are paid across districts does not violate Washington’s Constitution.

SPOKANE — Assistant Attorney General Dannette Allen and a team of investigators and support staff spend their days combing through bank records, computer records, sworn statements and tips from whistleblowers. Their goal: To find those fraudulently using the state’s Medicaid program as an income source.
OLYMPIA -- Washington Attorney General Rob McKenna is leading a group of 40 state attorneys general in urging Congress to uphold the role of the states in enforcing consumer protection laws.
SEATTLE – The Public Counsel Section of the Washington State Attorney General’s Office today recommended that the state Utilities and Transportation Commission (UTC) not approve the sale of Verizon Northwest’s local and long distance telephone services in Washington to Frontier Communications because the transaction, as proposed, is not in the public interest.
OLYMPIA…Attorney General Rob McKenna today announced Sharyl Kammerzell as the new Division Chief of the Washington State University Division of the Attorney General’s Office.

Their stories are devastating: A Bothell couple whose 17-year-old son lost his life to a toxic combination of prescription and over-the-counter drugs, a Mukilteo parent whose high-schooler’s fatal addiction started when he smoked OxyContin, and a Seattle physician whose 24-year-old son died from an overdose of Oxycodone and cocaine.

OLYMPIA – Washington Attorney General Rob McKenna fears a rise in scam victims as struggling homeowners trying to tap legitimate payment relief programs are simultaneously solicited by charlatans. He said a meeting this morning between Obama administration officials and state attorneys general on mortgage fraud is further evidence that cross-agency cooperation is vital to protect homeowners.
OLYMPIA — Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna will honor several heroic state workers and one courageous fast-food employee who whisked a child out of the clutches of a kidnapper. The awards will be presented Friday at the Public Employees Safety Awareness and Preparedness Fair.
SEATTLE – Working with the Washington Attorney General’s Office, Australian authorities recently announced they’ve shut down an Internet health scam that fleeced more than 60,000 consumers worldwide.

In one of the worst economic downturns since the Great Depression, attorneys from the public and private sectors are stepping up to lend a hand to struggling consumers.

Heath Ledger was on top of the world. In 2007, having been nominated for an Oscar for his role in the critically-acclaimed film Brokeback Mountain, the Australian actor had his pick of challenging, rewarding roles. Ledger had already appeared in many popular films, including Ten Things I Hate about You (filmed in part in the state of Washington). And having just turned in a buzz-worthy appearance as the Joker in The Dark Knight, Ledger's star was about to rise even higher.

RICHLAND, Wash. – With the ongoing construction of the Waste Treatment Plant (WTP) in the background at the Hanford Site, Attorney General Rob McKenna joined Energy Secretary Steven Chu, Washington Governor Chris Gregoire, Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski, U.S. Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell, acting U.S. Assistant Attorney General John Cruden and other officials today to announce a proposed legal settlement that will impose a new, enforceable and achievable schedule for tank waste cleanup at the Hanford Site in southeastern Washington. 

OLYMPIA— State officials are celebrating a court victory that walls off millions of acres of public lands from new development. On Wednesday the 9th Circuit Court ruled in favor of a lower court’s decision to turn back a 2005 effort to open up some federal lands to new road construction and the harvest of timber.
 OLYMPIA – Open government advocates have a new resource at the Attorney General’s Office. The AGO has launched “Unredacted: Uncovering the truth about Public Records and Open Public Meetings.”
OLYMPIA – Attorney General Rob McKenna today announced the appointment of Antoinette (Toni) Ursich as the successor to longtime Spokane Division Chief Larry Briney. Ursich is currently the Washington State University Division Chief.
OLYMPIA – The National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG), yesterday elected Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna as its vice president. McKenna will serve in this role through next summer, when he will become president-elect of the organization. He’ll assume the role of NAAG president in 2011.
OLYMPIA – The National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG), yesterday elected Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna as its vice president. McKenna will serve in this role through next summer, when he will become president-elect of the organization. He’ll assume the role of NAAG president in 2011.
OLYMPIA – The Washington State Investment Board (WSIB) filed a lawsuit Wednesday to recover more than $100 million in losses related to its purchase of investments from Lehman Brothers Holdings, Inc.

OLYMPIA – Attorney General Rob McKenna today announced the selection of former congressional chief of staff and private sector CEO Randy J. Pepple as his new Chief of Staff, effective June 1.

OLYMPIA-- The State of Washington will honor all law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty and recognize officers who have given service beyond the call of duty at a special ceremony on the Capitol Campus, May 8.

OLYMPIA – One of the state’s most versatile employees never makes overtime, no matter how hard she works or how much danger she faces on the job. At just under five feet tall, she weighs 485 pounds and if she runs low on energy, she doesn’t always follow directions. Still, co-workers trust her with their lives.

PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND – Attorney General Rob McKenna played a key role in  top-level panel discussions  on the enforcement of the 1998 Master Tobacco Settlement (MSA) and cross-border security this week at the National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG) 2008 Summer Meeting.

PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND -- For his distinguished work on tobacco negotiation, mediation and litigation, the National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG) has honored Assistant Attorney General Rusty Fallis with the Laurie Loveland Award for 2008. This award, which Fallis shares with his colleague Ann Uglietta of the Arizona Attorney General’s Office, recognizes extraordinary efforts to advance the work of state Attorneys General on tobacco-related issues.
Attorney General Rob McKenna has sent a letter to United States Air Force Secretary Michael Wynne expressing his disappointment about the decision to award the Air Force tanker refueling contract to foreign-based conglomerate Northrupp Grummon/Airbus, despite Boeing's exceptionally competitive proposal.
The Attorney General’s Office this week named Tim Lang as the new Division Chief of the office’s newly formed Corrections Division.   The new Corrections Division emerged after a reorganization of the Criminal Justice Division (CJD) in the Attorney General’s office earlier this year. The reorganization splits the duties of the larger division into two smaller divisions, in response to its growing size and complexity
Government Technology, a media company providing information technology case studies, news and best practices by and for international, state, city and county government, has named Attorney General Rob McKenna and the AGO Information Services Director Andy Hill to its seventh annual Top 25 Doers, Dreamers and Drivers list.
OLYMPIA…Attorney General Rob McKenna is proud to announce the Washington State Bar Association (WSBA) has presented Cheryl Handy with the Local Hero Award during a luncheon today in Tumwater.

OLYMPIA—Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna has selected attorney Melanie de Leon to head the state Executive Ethics Board, replacing Susan Harris, who is retiring at the end of the year.

Park City, Utah – Attorney General Rob McKenna along with thirty-two other Attorneys General, their staff, and members of law enforcement are in Utah today as part of the National Association of Attorneys General’s (NAAG) annual winter meeting. Attendees will be hearing from new U.S. Attorney General Michael B. Mukasey.
BELLEVUE – El Presidente de la Cámara de Comercio Hispana, Mike Sotelo, homenajeó al Procurador Rob McKenna con el Premio Presidencial por su “dedicación y esfuerzos en beneficio de la comunidad latina” durante la Cena de Gala Anual de la Cámara, el pasado jueves.
BELLEVUE – Hispanic Chamber of Commerce President Mike Sotelo honored Attorney General Rob McKenna with the President’s Award for his “dedication and efforts on behalf of the Latino community” at the Chamber’s Annual Dinner on Thursday.

OLYMPIA – Attorney General Rob McKenna announced the 2006 Employee Recognition Awards during a ceremony in the Capitol Rotunda in Olympia on Monday, September 16.

Attorney General Rob McKenna today joined other attorneys general in releasing a 14-page report identifying recommendations for changes in laws and educational policies to give students better protection from violence in their schools and on college campuses.

“Jennifer was a great leader both as chair of the Washington State Republican Party and as a member of Congress for 12 years. She was also a very important personal friend and mentor to me and many others. Most importantly, Jennifer was a wonderful mother and grandmother to her family. My thoughts and prayers are with her family as are my wife, Marilyn’s. Our nation and our state have lost a great leader and a wonderful person. We will deeply miss her.”

Olympia - In conjunction with National Safety Month, organizations from across the state will come together in Olympia for the annual Public Employees Safety Awareness and Preparedness Fair on September 11.
TACOMA - Tacoma Division Chief Gretchen Leanderson announced yesterday that Lynette Weatherby-Teague has been chosen as the new LNI Section Chief for Tacoma.
OLYMPIA…Attorney General Rob McKenna will speak at the Discovery Institute’s lecture series for interns and young professionals on Tuesday, August 7.  The Slade Gorton Lecture Series is named for the former U.S. Senator and introduces young people to the nature and ideals of public service. Attorney General McKenna will speak about law and public policy.
OLYMPIA…Attorney General Rob McKenna is proud to announce the Conference of Western Attorneys General has selected Deputy Attorney General Shirley Battan to receive the Nelson Kempsky Award for outstanding leadership and management.
OLYMPIA – King County Superior Court today ruled on summary judgment in favor of the state of Washington in Futurewise and SEIU 775 v. Sam Reed.
ATLANTA… This week at the National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG) summer meeting in Atlanta, Attorney General Rob McKenna received updates on the multi-state effort to rid social networking sites like of sexual predators, led negotiations over payments due to the states under the national tobacco master settlement and accepted a NAAG “Best Brief” award for the office’s reply brief in the Washington v. WEA case.
SEATTLE – Washington Attorney General Rob McKenna’s office today ventured into the blogosphere. The Attorney General’s Office launched “All Consuming,” a blog dedicated to consumer protection issues that has a less formal tone than some people might associate with a government agency or law office.
TACOMA – Attorney General Rob McKenna today announced that Gretchen Leanderson has been promoted to division chief of the Tacoma Division effective June 18.
OLYMPIA…Attorney General Rob McKenna is proud to announce that Senior Assistant Attorney General Michael Shinn has been selected for the 2007 Governor’s Award for Leadership in Management. The award gives special recognition to managers who have demonstrated excellence in carrying out their responsibilities.
King County Prosecutor Norm Maleng passed away at 9:11 p.m. last night at the Harborview Medical Center from cardiac arrest.  Here is a statement from Attorney General Rob McKenna on his passing.
WASHINGTON, D.C. --- Attorney General Rob McKenna will be meeting today with U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales to discuss legal and law enforcement issues facing the state of Washington– specifically gangs, methamphetamine and identity theft.

For many years, the state has decorated and displayed an evergreen tree in the Capitol rotunda, in celebration of the holiday season. On December 18, 2006, Governor Christine Gregoire held a menorah lighting ceremony in the rotunda, adding a menorah to the holiday display. In making her decision to add a menorah, the Governor did not consult with the Attorney General’s Office, but referred to the US Supreme Court case of Allegheny County v. Greater Pittsburgh ACLU, which stated that Christmas and Chanukah are part of a winter holiday season, which has attained an independent secular status in our society. The Allegheny Court held that in the context of the particular display considered in that case, the menorah served as recognition of cultural diversity and was part of a secular celebration of the season.

OLYMPIA… Attorney General Rob McKenna today named Assistant Attorney General Dawn Cortez as the new Director of the Medicaid Fraud Control Unit.
Attorney General Rob McKenna, a long-time supporter of the Eastside Domestic Violence Program and honorary co-chair for the 2006 Safe Passage Luncheon, received the organization’s Outstanding Leader of the Year award on Sept. 28.
OLYMPIA - Assistant Attorney General and Senior Counsel Penny L. Allen will receive the 2006 Washington State Bar Association’s Angelo Petruss Award for Lawyers in Public Service.
The Aspen Institute selected Attorney General Rob McKenna for a new fellowship program honoring public leaders the international organization has identified as "the true rising stars" of American politics, the institute announced this week.
OLYMPIA – Attorney General Rob McKenna today announced the Attorney General’s Office will be the first state agency to receive confirmation from the state Dept. of Personnel for its performance-based recognition program for general service employees.
Seattle – Attorney General Rob McKenna today announced that he has promoted Senior Counsel Doug Walsh to chief of the Consumer Protection Division effective immediately.
SPOKANE – Attorney General Rob McKenna joined with the U.S. Attorney’s Office Eastern District of Washington and his local Medicaid fraud and criminal justice teams in Spokane today to discuss his office’s increased Eastern Washington emphasis on criminal justice issues.
OLYMPIA - Attorney General Rob McKenna today announced the return of former Senior Counsel Jon Ferguson as the chief of the new complex litigation division in the Attorney General’s Office.
WASHINGTON D.C.… The National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG)’s newly elected president, Georgia Attorney General Thurbert Baker, has appointed Washington Attorney General Rob McKenna to the NAAG Executive Committee for 2006-2007. McKenna will also co-chair the NAAG Tobacco Committee.
OLYMPIA - Attorney General Rob McKenna has promoted Chief Criminal Prosecutor Brian Moran from the Seattle Criminal Justice Division to Chief Deputy Attorney General effective August 1.
TACOMA – David Huey, assistant attorney general for Washington state, today was honored with the prestigious Marvin Award from the National Association of Attorneys Generals (NAAG) for his work on consumer protection issues including nationwide settlements with two sub-prime mortgage lenders.
SPOKANE – Attorney General Rob McKenna is proud to announce the Gonzaga University Law School Women's Law Caucus is presenting its 14th Annual Myra Bradwell Award to Gonzaga Law School alumna Cheryl Wolfe, an assistant attorney general and senior counsel for the Attorney General’s Office Spokane Division.
SEATTLE – Attorney General Rob McKenna will visit Central Washington on Wednesday, Jan. 11, for two “Operation: Allied Against Meth” presentations in Chelan and a tour of Wellness Place in Wenatchee.
Attorney General Rob McKenna will visit Spokane Friday, Dec. 2, to present a $15,000 grant to Providence Cancer Center and to promote a public service program to discourage under-aged drinking.
“Today the Supreme Court reversed the trial court’s decision in Joyce v. Washington State Department of Corrections (DOC) and ordered a new trial because errors in the jury instructions misstated the law and denied the people of Washington a fair trial.
OLYMPIA – Attorney General Rob McKenna today announced the promotion of Assistant Attorney General Paige Dietrich to division chief for the Labor and Personnel Division of the Office of the Attorney General.
SEATTLE – Attorney General Rob McKenna today announced the hiring of two attorneys to fight high-tech fraud, identity theft and other scams targeting consumers.
OLYMPIA -- Attorney General Rob McKenna today announced the selection of Joseph Shorin, III as the new division chief for the Fish, Wildlife and Parks Division of the Office of the Attorney General.
BIG SKY, Mont. – Attorney General Rob McKenna will lead two top-level sessions focusing cybercrime and homeland security at the National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG) 2005 Summer Meeting this week.
OLYMPIA -- Attorney General Rob McKenna today announced new division chiefs for the Ecology and Transportation and Public Construction (TPC) divisions of the Office of the Attorney General.
OLYMPIA – Attorney General Rob McKenna today announced that veteran Seattle attorney John Gose has been hired to fill a new position created to advise the Office of Attorney General on civil litigation.
OLYMPIA -- Attorney General Rob McKenna announced today he has appointed Susan Harris as the Executive Director of the Executive Ethics Board.
OLYMPIA -- Attorney General Rob McKenna today announced he has appointed Sr. Assistant Attorney General Maureen Hart as the new Solicitor General.
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