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AGO News Releases for 2000
November 28, 2000 > State Files Suit Against Insurers
Olympia - November 28, 2000 - The State of Washington today filed suit against six foreign insurance companies that have refused to reimburse the state for their share of the cost of settling the Linda David case.
Olympia - November 8, 2000 - A Pierce County clean-up contractor and junk hauler was sentenced in Pierce County Superior Court Wednesday for dumping dangerous waste onto the property of a 66-year-old Lakewood woman.
Seattle - Nov. 1, 2000 - A Lynnwood vacation club marketing firm that that has been the target of more than 150 consumer complaints will have to pay restitution, civil penalties and fees, according to a settlement announced today.
Olympia - October 26, 2000 - We are satisfied that the Supreme Court’s ruling today in the I-695 case was based on a complete airing of the constitutional issues. We believe the decision was based on thorough and well-presented arguments for and against I-695.
Seattle -Oct. 18, 2000- The Washington state Attorney General’s High-Tech unit, created to fight crime and consumer fraud on the Internet, has filed its first two cases -- one against an Internet-based promoter of illegal pyramid and Ponzi schemes, and the other against a Redmond-based seller of web hosting services.
SEATTLE -- The Bridgestone/Firestone multistate working group, a joint effort of Attorneys General from Washington and 47 other states and territories, wants consumers who own tires listed on the Sept. 1, 2000, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Consumer Advisory to know their options.
Seattle -October 10, 2000 - Washington consumers and businesses will recover $10.6 million in damages under a settlement in a global price fixing conspiracy case, Attorney General Christine Gregoire announced today.
Olympia - October 9, 2000 - The state Attorney General’s Office today filed suit against the Washington Education Association for illegally using fees paid to it by non-members for political purposes.
SEATTLE - Oct. 5, 2000 - Two Seattle-area companies that allegedly sold "get rich quick" investment advice not backed up by results will discontinue deceptive practices and pay millions of dollars back to consumers. Those terms were agreed to by Wade Cook Financial Corporation and Wade Cook Seminars Inc., in consent decrees signed with Washington state and the Federal Trade Commission.
Seattle - Sept. 28, 2000 - As part of its settlement with Toys "R" Us and three toy manufacturers – Hasbro, Mattel and Little Tikes – the Attorney General’s office has awarded nearly $275,000 in grants to programs that benefit children throughout Washington state.
Seattle -September 22, 2000 - US Bank has agreed in a settlement not to share their customers' personal financial information with bank affiliates or other businesses until consumers are given the opportunity to keep the information confidential, Attorney General Christine Gregoire said today.
Olympia - Sept. 22, 2000 - Brian Malarky has been named executive director of the Washington State Executive Ethics Board by Attorney General Christine Gregoire.
SEATTLE -- Bridgestone/Firestone, Inc., will commence a "bounty program" designed to remove used recalled tires from the inventories of all used tire dealers, Attorney General Christine Gregoire announced.
September 19, 2000 - Attorney General Christine Gregoire today filed a lawsuit asking that the Yakama Indian Nation be barred from enforcing its ban on the possession, distribution or sale of alcoholic beverages against non-tribal residents and businesses on the Yakama Reservation.
Seattle - Legal victories scored by the Attorney General’s Office in two consumer-protection cases this week resulted in a total of $3.6 million in penalties and fees against the owner of a now-defunct computer company and an Everett-based distributor of unsolicited junk faxes, Attorney General Christine Gregoire said.
SEATTLE - August 24, 2000 - Washington State Attorney General Christine Gregoire today announced the last of a series of four settlements with the nation’s leading sweepstakes firms.
Seattle -Aug. 23, 2000- A lawsuit filed today against three Washington travel companies is part of a coordinated nationwide effort to crack down on unscrupulous travel and timeshare operators, Attorney General Christine Gregoire announced.
SEATTLE - Aug. 22, 2000 - Washington state Attorney General Christine Gregoire today announced the settlement of a lawsuit against the nation’s largest sweepstakes operator, Publisher's Clearinghouse.
Seattle - August 8, 2000 -Washington and 29 other states and territories today accused some of the nation’s largest recorded-music distributors and retailers of illegally fixing compact disc prices charged by retailers, Attorney General Christine Gregoire said.
Olympia - Aug. 4, 2000 - A settlement reached today with a Connecticut-based merchandiser of discount buying clubs is a victory for consumers, and highlights the need for strong legislative action to protect consumers’ private financial information, Attorney General Christine Gregoire said.
Olympia -July 27, 2000- An Olympia car dealer accused of unfair and deceptive sales practices will pay $75,000 in fees and penalties and be required to make restitution to consumers victimized by its practices, Washington Attorney General Christine Gregoire said today.
Seattle - July 19, 2000 - The Washington state Attorney General’s office has completed its review of the proposed sale and merger agreement between Providence Health Systems and Swedish Health Services and will not oppose the plan.
July 14, 2000 > State settles David case
OLYMPIA - Gov. Gary Locke and state Attorney General Christine Gregoire today announced an $8.8 million settlement of the $55 million lawsuit filed against the state by Linda David.
Seattle -July 12, 2000 - Washington Attorney General Christine Gregoire said today an estimated $1.3 million would be recovered for Washington consumers and state agencies under a tentative settlement with drug companies which were sued for fixing prices of medications often used by the elderly.
OLYMPIA - July 11, 2000 - Washington state has received a $2.25 million grant to help battle tobacco use among young people, Attorney General Christine Gregoire and state Department of Health Secretary Mary Selecky announced today.
Olympia - July 5, 2000- Funds in the Washington Advanced College Tuition Payment Account may be invested in private corporate stocks, the Attorney General’s Office has concluded.
OLYMPIA - June 21, 2000 - The cost to consumers for power in southeastern Washington will remain steady over the next five years as the result of a settlement reached by the Attorney General’s office and Pacificorp.
Seattle -June 19, 2000- Robin Leach, host of "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous," has settled a lawsuit with Washington and 11 other states over his role as spokesperson for a travel service whose "dream vacations" proved to be nightmares for some consumers.
OLYMPIA – June 7, 2000 - My office has received and is now reviewing Judge Jackson’s order adopting – in large part – the remedy proposed by the U.S. Department of Justice and several states in their antitrust case against Microsoft.
Olympia - June 5, 2000 - Washington Attorney General Christine Gregoire said today Philip Morris has volunteered to comply with proposed FDA rules regarding advertising in magazines with significant youth readership.
Seattle - May 26, 2000 - High-ranking officials from the Republic of South Africa today thanked Attorney General Christine Gregoire for providing the country with expertise and designs for building a crime-information database that can help South Africa fight its rampant crime problems.
Olympia - May 12, 2000 - Three Intercity Transit employees and its board today agreed to settle for $60,000, a lawsuit that alleged they violated state laws.
SEATTLE - May 5, 2000 - The state Attorney General's office today filed papers formally opposing a rate increase for Avista Corp. and recommending instead that the utility's rates be decreased.
Seattle - April 27, 2000 - State, federal and local law enforcement officials today announced plans to combat crime and fraud on the Internet.
Olympia - April 17, 2000 - Washington state today will receive $73.19 million in restitution from the tobacco industry. The payment is the first of the perpetual annual payments mandated by the 1998 Master Settlement Agreement between state attorneys general and the major tobacco manufacturers.
SEATTLE - April 13, 2000 - Washington state, Oregon, California and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) today filed settlement papers that clear the way for the merger of BP Amoco and ARCO.
Olympia - April 10, 2000 - Nearly one year since the tragedy at Columbine High School, Attorney General Christine Gregoire today released a new report that points to home life and harassment by kids as key causes of youth violence.
OLYMPIA -- April 6, 2000 - The Attorney General's Office today formally requested that the State Supreme Court review a superior court ruling issued last month, which declared the state's anti-spam law violated the Interstate Commerce Clause of the U. S. Constitution.
OLYMPIA - Attorney General Christine Gregoire today announced a multi-state settlement that requires one of the country's largest sweepstakes companies to pay restitution to Washington consumers and dramatically change its sweepstakes marketing practices nationwide.
Olympia- March 22, 2000 - Governor Gary Locke and Attorney General Christine Gregoire today asked President Clinton to direct the Coast Guard to adopt new federal regulations protecting Puget Sound from oil spills.
Olympia - March 21, 2000- Obviously I am discouraged by the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision today. It is very significant that both the majority and the dissenting opinions bluntly acknowledge how deadly and what a devastating social problem tobacco is.
Olympia - - The U. S. Supreme Court is reviewing a 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals decision in a case that casts doubt on the constitutionality of the state’s Sexually Violent Predator Law as it applies to a 10-year resident of the state’s Special Commitment Center (SCC) for sex offenders.
OLYMPIA -March 17, 2000 -A Bothell travel company will have to pay $90,000 in immediate restitution to consumers for continuing violations of an agreement to stop deceptive practices in the sale of travel club memberships in Washington and Oregon.
Olympia -March 17, 2000- The Attorney General’s Office today filed a formal notice appealing the March 14 ruling that declared Initiative 695 unconstitutional.
Olympia - March 15, 2000 - Significant progress in settlement talks between the states and BP Amoco and Arco, have resulted in the postponement of the proceedings challenging the proposed merger of the two oil companies.
Olympia - March 6, 2000- Attorney General Christine Gregoire and the attorneys general of 49 other states, Washington, D.C. and five territories have reached a $34 million settlement with New York shoe manufacturer Nine West Inc. over allegations of price-fixing.
OLYMPIA - March 6, 2000 - Attorney General Christine Gregoire is calling for the Coast Guard to take action in the wake of today’s U.S. Supreme Court ruling that invalidates much of the state’s oil spill prevention law.
Olympia -March 6, 2000 - A settlement announced today involving the planned merger of US West and Quest Communications is designed to ensure that Washington customers receive adequate and affordable service from the merged company, Attorney General Christine Gregoire said.
Pasco -March 1, 2000- Washington Attorney General Christine Gregoire today filed a lawsuit against 13 promoters of Renewal Celebration, a large-scale illegal pyramid scheme operating out of the Tri-Cities.
OLYMPIA - February 24, 2000- For the second straight year, problems with the communications industry, including telecommunications and on-line services, topped the state Attorney General’s 1999 list of consumer complaints.
Olympia - 2/18/00 - Every day 3,000 kids become regular smokers. Tobacco use costs Washington taxpayers $1.3 billion in health care costs and 8,200 lives of family and friends every year. The budget released today by the House Republicans will do nothing stop this deadly epidemic and drain on our state’s health care system
OLYMPIA - February 17, 2000- Attorney General Christine Gregoire today launched a statewide Internet-based educational initiative to help Washington’s teenagers become smarter consumers.
Olympia - February 9, 2000 - the Attorney General's Office today filed the state's response in five of the seven King County Superior Court cases that have raised constitutional or other legal challenges to Initiative 695.
Seattle - February 8, 2000- Attorney General Christine Gregoire today announced that three Florida travel companies who used "lifestyles of the rich and famous" spokesperson Robin Leach, have settled two lawsuits filed against them by agreeing to pay consumers refunds for "dream vacations."
Olympia - February 2, 2000 - The Washington State Attorney General’s Office today announced its intention to file a lawsuit to stop BP Amoco and ARCO from merging their companies.
Olympia - February 1, 2000 - The Attorney General's Office today recommended that the proposed merger between US West and Qwest Communications be denied unless strong service quality conditions are imposed.
Olympia -  Attorney General Christine Gregoire has asked the full Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to reverse a three-judge panel that threw out the Tacoma-Pierce County Board of Health's tobacco outdoor advertising regulation in November 1999.
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