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April 20, 2005
Consumer Alert: Labor Law Poster Service

SEATTLE – Attorney General Rob McKenna and Labor &Industries Acting Director Judy Schurke warned consumers today to be on the lookout for The Washington Labor Law Poster Service that is sending out direct mail notices threatening businesses with $7,000 fines and state investigations for not having labor law posters displayed on the premises.

The company’s notices follow its direct mailing to businesses of an order form for the company’s posters. The letter is sent in an envelope labeled “2nd NOTICE” and is written on hot pink paper. Both mailings make it appear as if the company is affiliated with a state agency, which it is not.

The company sells posters concerning state and federal labor laws. Businesses can pick up three posters required by Labor and Industries at any local L&I office, and the unemployment poster plus a required federal five-in-one workplace poster from any WorkSource Center business representative – all free of charge. State posters can also be downloaded off the Department of Labor and Industries’ Web site. The only difference between the free posters and the ones the company sells for nearly $60 per set is that the free posters are not laminated.

“If businesses have any questions about what labor law notices need to be displayed on their premises they should first check with the local L&I office,” warned McKenna.


For more information contact:
Kristin Alexander, (206) 464-6432,


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