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February 01, 2010
Dialogue Direct agrees to comply with state charity laws

SEATTLE – A New York-based organization that offers face-to-face charitable solicitors for hire entered into an agreement with the Washington Attorney General’s Office concerning its business practices.

Under the agreement filed in Thurston County Superior Court, Dialogue Direct will not solicit charitable contributions in Washington unless registered as a commercial fundraiser with the Secretary of State’s Office. The organization also agreed not to misrepresent that a paid fundraiser is a representative of the charity receiving the solicitations.

Dialogue Direct also agreed to pay $10,000 to be used as legal costs, attorneys’ fees or programs to benefit children or youth. The agreement does not include an admission or finding of wrongdoing.

Dialogue Direct’s solicitors collect donations for Children International.

The Attorney General’s Office brought a complaint against Dialogue Direct on July 22, 2009. The complaint was dismissed with prejudice.

In addition to listing officially registered charitable solicitors, the Secretary of State’s Office publishes an annual report on commercial fundraisers that reveals the percentage of donations they return to their charity clients. It is available online at

 Media Contact: Kristin Alexander, Media Relations Manager – Seattle, (206) 464-6432,


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