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AGO Opinions with Topic: SNOWMOBILES
AGO 1981 No. 2 >  February 25, 1981
LOCAL REGULATION OF SNOWMOBILES ON PUBLIC HIGHWAYS OR ROADWAYS (1) Under RCW 46.10.110, a board of county commissioners (as the responsible governing body in the case of county roads) may open to snowmobiles a county road which is also open to conventional vehicles.(2) Neither the provisions of chapter 46.16 RCW nor those of chapter 46.37 RCW apply to snowmobiles, even when operated on a public highway or roadway which is also open to conventional vehicles.(3) A county may not establish equipment standards or impose age qualifications for the operation of snowmobiles which are inconsistent with RCW 46.10.090 or RCW 46.10.120, respectively.
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