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AGO Opinions with Topic: CHILD CARE PROGRAMS
AGO 1987 No. 1 >  January 6, 1987
AUTHORITY OF SCHOOL DISTRICTS TO PROVIDE CHILD CARE SERVICES School districts have the authority to provide programs that offer care for children, including children not enrolled as students of the school district. The facilities of the school district may be used to provide these programs. School district funds may be used for the operation of the child care programs and for the construction or remodeling of facilities to house such programs. School districts may not contract with private or other public agencies to provide child care services, either in district facilities or elsewhere, without express statutory authority. The school districts are authorized to charge fees for child care services but, if they charge fees, they may not waive some or all of the fees otherwise chargeable based upon such factors as the income of the parents. The districts are not authorized to furnish transportation to children in child care programs established by the district unless authorized by a specific statute.
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