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LifeSmarts is a program run by the National Consumers League that provides high school students with information on theirlifesmartspic1

rights and responsibilities they will soon face as consumers. In this competition, students make new friends, win prizes, have the opportunity to travel, and meet important business and government leaders- all which create a fun and exciting atmosphere!

Here in the state of Washington, the Attorney General’s office (AGO) is committed to helping create and coach a successful team to participate with others around the nation.

LifeSmarts is available to all students in grades 9-12 in the state of Washington through an internet-based competition. Students will work with a coach from the AGO with a team of four or more students and compete against teams representing other states. The highest scoring internet team will be invited to participate in the national competition.


For any further information, please contact:

WA State Coordinator                                                              LifeSmarts
                           Wency Offril                                                      c/o National Consumers League
 800 5th Ave Suite 2000                  Or                           1701 K Street NW
          Seattle, WA 98104-3188                                           Washington D.C. 20006
   206-389-2459                                                                    202-835-3323                                          

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