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Having problems paying your mortgage? Facing possible foreclosure? Get a free housing counselor by calling 1-877-894-HOME (4663)!

Video ButtonIf you are having problems paying your mortgage (or believe that you may in the future), or if you are behind on your payments and facing foreclosure, you need a housing counselor to assist you in reviewing the many, many programs currently available to assist homeowners. 

The Attorney General’s Office cannot represent individuals, but we do assist you by helping to fund homeowner relief projects that include housing counselors. Specifically, we contribute to the Washington State Bar Association and the Northwest Justice Project’s Home Foreclosure Legal Aid Project. A housing counselor in this program can assist you even if you are not currently facing foreclosure. The services are free of charge. An appointment with a housing counselor can be scheduled by calling 1-877-894-HOME (4663). 

At this time, dealing with a mortgage or foreclosure issue is not a do-it-yourself endeavor. We strongly suggest that you do not try to go it alone. You need the assistance of a housing counselor. 

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