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Resolve to Reduce Underage Drinking in 2013

Resolve to Reduce Underage Drinking in 2013

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FosterAs members of the Washington Coalition to Reduce Underage Drinking, the Attorney General's Office urges you to join our team in resolving to reduce underage drinking and helping kids find safer, healthier alternatives.

 For tips on how you can help reduce youth exposure to alcohol, check out the latest op-ed by RUAD co-chairs, Sharon Foster of the Liquor Control Board and Michael Langer of the Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery.

You can also visit: for great information about reducing underage drinking both as a parent and as a member of your community, such as:

  • LangerWhat should I say to my kids about drinking?
  • Will they listen?
  • What's the big deal?
  • What if they ask if I drank at their age? and
  • Free materials for community groups.

Here's to a safe and healthy 2013!

-- Janelle Guthrie, Communications Director



Posted by Public Affairs Unit at 01/02/2013 05:15:33 PM | 

This is a great initiative! Underage drinking has been spreading like an oak tree worldwide, Attorney General and it's office are both doing a very commendable job. Thank you.
Posted by: Julian Garlick ( Email ) at 1/23/2013 1:30 AM

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