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McKenna in Washington Business Magazine: gang crimes hurt businesses

McKenna in Washington Business Magazine: gang crimes hurt businesses

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     Photo courtesy of Association of Washington Business

The Spring edition of the Association of Washington Business's Washington Business magazine features an interview with Attorney General McKenna. Editors ask, "Why should businesses in Washington be concerned about gangs? And, what can employers do to curb the disturbing trend of young children being recruited into gangs?"

Rob replied that, "Gang crime and graffiti frighten small business owners, their customers and staff, including young families hoping to buy a first home. Business owners and staff in poorer communities probably feel the most impact. Some are already proactively cleaning up graffiti, hiring local kids for part-time jobs after school and contributing to non-profits that offer kids afterschool programs.

The Boys & Girls Club, YMCA and the Police Athletic League are among the groups most deserving of continued support. Business owners in highly affected areas have employees whose children are threatened by gang members and actively recruited into gang activities. A healthy business requires a safe community in which to operate and grow."

The discussion also touches on the health care lawsuit and prescription drug abuse, among other subjects. The full interview is posted on AWB's Web site.

-Dan Sytman-




Posted by Public Affairs Unit at 05/31/2011 04:57:06 PM | 

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