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Attorney General Rob McKenna: In 2011, I Will…

Attorney General Rob McKenna: In 2011, I Will…

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Attorney General McKenna's New Year's Resolution for 2011 is on

I’ll continue to work across party lines to solve real problems. That’s the way we’ve done it in my office since 2005, and the way we’ll keep doing it in 2011. There should be a battle of ideas in Olympia, an open and spirited debate. But even though politics is a contact sport, the Capitol Dome isn’t the Thunderdome. The battle must generate results, not just a few gladiators left standing whose main accomplishments involve killing someone else’s ideas. The public expects us to work together.

But like all things Internet, even a blog about bipartisanship sparks debate. Follow the jump to read the the whole thing (if you dare).

-Dan Sytman-

Posted by Public Affairs Unit at 12/23/2010 11:10:59 AM | 

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