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National Consumer Protection Week Tip of the Day

National Consumer Protection Week Tip of the Day

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2012 National CP Week ButtonToday is the first weekday of National Consumer Protection Week. As part of this week’s event focusing on consumer education, we’ll post a daily consumer tip. Today’s tip has to do with buying a vehicle.

One of the most common myths of consumer law is that auto buyers have a three-day “cooling off” right to cancel a purchase.  False!

There is no three-day right of cancellation when purchasing a vehicle at the dealer’s main place of business.  Once you sign the contract, you are obligated to make the payments.

The good news is there are lots of tools for you to become an educated car buyer. We’ve posted helpful information, including:

  • How to analyze your car needs and pick the correct vehicle
  • How to price a car
  • Comparing auto loans
  • How to negotiate a final price
  • Understanding sales contracts

And we have an entire section dedicated to buyer precautions, including a list of the common misleading tactics used by some car dealers.

-Dan Sytman-


Posted by Attorney General Rob McKenna at 03/05/2012 03:27:06 PM | 

We consigned a loan for my step son through Kitsap credit union,we were approved and purchased a car at a small dealership in Tacoma. The bank calls today and says,a week later, the loan is denied because the car is from Canada, and they can't find the Vin #. My wife also tells me last night that the dealer had her sign a paper that if she can't finance he would at 27 percent. We are making calls today to find out what is going on between this bank and dealer. This sounds bad to me because the dealer had my wife sign this agreement for extremely high percentage rate loan on a car that he may have known would be hard to finance.
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Posted by: Paul Mclellan ( Email ) at 8/15/2014 3:53 AM

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