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Bogus debt collectors seeking personal info

Bogus debt collectors seeking personal info

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The Olympia Police Department is warning the public not to give information to callers posing as debt collection companies who attempt to collect personal information, The Olympian newspaper reported. According to reports, the callers threaten criminal or civil penalties if intended victims don't cooperate.

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Posted by Kristin Alexander All Consuming Blog Moderator at 05/20/2011 05:57:38 PM | 

I have been receiving calls from a PAYDAY LOAN office
stating I owe money borrowed in December. I told them
it was not true, never done. They requested copies of my
bankstatement and acct.#. I told them this was a scam and hung up. This week I then received a call from a company "Docket,Seized and Restraints" with a docket # stating I am being served with a restraint unless amt. paid. I again told them this was a scam, the person stated "good luck in court". I hung up, Help
Posted by: JUDY NAGLICH ( Email ) at 9/20/2011 10:22 AM

I too am receiving similiar phone calls saying I owe a payday loan and court action will take place the next date if I do not settle the problem I have not worked in 8 years I cant get a payday loan but every month they call me and the police will take a report but advise me that they have other issues that are more pressing so it will not be followed up on. These people even call my family saying I am in legal trouble and they need to help me. I have pretended to be an attorney when a number is able to connect to someone when i said I was a attorney they said thank you and hung up. This time a person actually told me to shut up when I said this was fraud and to stop calling my they called 4 times. I am going to change my phone number and email and maybe my name.
Posted by: donna ( Email ) at 10/26/2011 5:09 PM

I have been getting calls from supposed officers of the department of treasury stating I have unpaid payday loans from males with middle eastern accents threatening me court and jail unless i settle by sending money now through western union. they have my ss # email address and god knows what else. I sent the money the first time scared cause the unpaid balance was supposedly years ago and I had taken one out and paid it in full then. well then they emailed and called back saying they couldnt get the money due to the person who was suppose to collect had to go to hospital so i redid it to another person in another state and when I questioned that he got rude and threatening so I sent again, well two days later I received yet another male with same accent telling me the same thing and i said it was a scam and he got very threatening so I sent money again and again was told to redo it because the person was again in the hospital at which time I called western union and filed a fraud charge against the two and come to find out neither money had been picked up and western union refunded all the money to me. I am concerned with what will happen now. I put an alert on my credit file. Now sending message here. they have my ss# and my address. Help [BLOG MODERATOR'S RESPONSE: You can find a lot of information on our ID Theft web pages at: The FTC also has an excellent guide to dealing with ID theft: ]
Posted by: maggie ( Email ) at 2/23/2012 8:30 PM

I have received several calls from 253-382-9031.
The robo-call, "if you want to lower your rates on your credit card, press 1 for a live rep." When the live person answered I asked who it was and what the company was, She said "Credit Services". The caller asked how much debt I had. When I said I had a $10000 balance, she asked for the 16 digit credit card #, the bank name, and type of credit card, ie: Visa, M/C, Discover. And the Bank Service ph. number. When I stated that I was not comfortable providing the detailed information about my accounts she asked if I would like to speak to a supervisior. Rachel/Credit Services Supervisor tried to explain why they needed the information. She explained that the National Credit Buereau and Experian provided my name, phone number for credit rate reduction. Within 3 mins, the call abruptly ended mid-sentence.
They said they only place outbound calls and did not have any way to be reached inbound. That does not seem like a legitimate business.
The call felt like a social engineering scam. Is there anything that can done? [ALL CONSUMING MODERATOR'S RESPONSE: Call the National Fraud Information Center at 1-800-876-7060. They're building a national database on telemarketing fraud.]
Posted by: Roger in NY ( Email ) at 2/29/2012 11:01 PM

I have received a phone call from someone saying they are an investigator from District 217. He stated that he represents the state of Washington. They are claiming that I have pending felony charges for default/deception concerning a payday loan from several years ago. He said they are located in the Wells Fargo Building in New York. I have been searching the Washington State Court Records and not finding results to verify this information. They are saying that if I transfer $550.00 to their account immediately charges will not be filed today and payment arrangements can be made for the remainder of the balance of $1100.00. Please advise. Thank you. [ALL CONSUMING MODERATOR'S RESPONSE: These scammers sound very convincing and are very aggressive in trying to collect these supposed debts. If you know that you do not owe any money, you should not communicate with the scammer, verify or give any personal information, or pay any money. Simply hang up and do not answer any additional calls. If you are not sure if you owe a debt, you should contact the original creditor directly and confirm if any accounts are open in your name and then do the same as above.]
Posted by: Donna Grimmett ( Email ) at 1/9/2013 12:53 PM

Nice One...! Keep it up.
Posted by: Edward Brolin ( Email | Visit ) at 11/16/2013 4:31 PM

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