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Grandparent scammers using Caller ID spoofing

Grandparent scammers using Caller ID spoofing

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Grandparent scammers have added a new layer to their stack of lies: thumb_phoneCaller ID spoofing. A Western Washington woman who nearly fell victim to fraud said that not only did the scammers have information about her and her grandson -- but her grandson's real name showed up on her caller ID. Internet-based technology allows people to appear they are calling from any number they choose. Remember: if someone asks you to wire money, it's always a scam.


Posted by Kristin Alexander All Consuming Blog Moderator at 02/28/2011 12:17:46 PM | 

Here is a little help for you.
Telling the scam artist that you have a bad connection and will call back on the caller ID number. If stops you half way through, scam is there. or he/she may just hang up.

Here is a little thing I would say,
"Can I call you back. We have a bad connection."
and try to break up the sentence. so it looks and sounds like the line cutting out. Then hang up.
then call your grandson and make sure everything is O.K.
Posted by: Frank ( Email ) at 9/7/2011 1:05 PM

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