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Cyber Monday: Tips to shop safely online
Microsoft tech support scammers are at it again!
Skip the tricks this October and treat yourself to a few cyber-protection tips from the AGO and BBB
National Consumer Protection Week puts focus on ways AGO can help consumers
Cyber Monday consumers: Tips to shop wisely online
Black Friday shoppers: Be savvy, not sorry by following these simple tips
Protect yourself from cybercrime
Cyber education and the next generation of cyber leaders
October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month 2013
Spoofers strike again
Respecting Privacy. Safeguarding Data. Enabling Trust.
E-Receipts: Love them or hate them?
Stop sneaky Scrooges from sidelining your support
Nationwide Insurance data breach affects 20,000 Washingtonians
Looking for some extra cash?
Test your scam-awareness with this “urgent message from Sudan”
My lucky day?
Rendezvous with a scam?
What is the worst email scam you’ve received?
Can you pass this test?
Data Privacy Day: Promoting privacy awareness and best practices
Consumer Safety Tips to Guard against Online Counterfeiting and Piracy
Be a smart and safe shopper
FBI, eBay warn of car sales scam
Google warns users infected by malware
Beware of DOL-related phishing schemes
Will your Facebook photos destroy your job search?
Free credit monitoring for Sony PlayStation breach victims
Tips for data breach victims
Don't be stabbed by a spear-phisher
Beware of bin Laden spam and computer viruses
Credit card data possibly stolen from PlayStation and Qriocity users
Cyber thieves hacking business accounts, Sending money to China
FTC goes after fake news sites touting weight-loss products
Phishing schemes hit our inboxes
FTC charges Washington man for fake news stories pitching products
Phishing attacks likely to follow Epsilon breach
Stethoscope seller’s sales practices make consumers’ blood boil
Scammers preying on immigrants
Washington AGO helps goad Smurfy solution to Smurfberry Kerfuffle
Collections agencies, ID theft top consumer gripes for 2010
EDITORIAL: More action needed to protect America's intellectual property
Privacy in the era of social media
Hack job
Editorial: A Safety Net for Online Shoppers
Ascentive software to pay refunds
Cheap fake goods carry a high cost
Online shoppers safer as bill heads to President’s desk
FTC pushing the “Do Not Track” button
E-commerce businessmen caught in Web of deceit
Attorney General's top 10 shopping tips for Black Friday
Identity thieves love social networking
What happens on Facebook, stays on Facebook?
Some penny auctions use cheap tricks to cheat consumers
Over 1,000 “Boss” fans to get refunds
“My password? It’s P-A-S-S-W-O-R-D.”
Red flag for “The Green Millionaire”
Court squishes açaí berry pusher
'Up to' be debated
Intelius banked on consumer confusion, says Washington Attorney General
Serious business, indeed.
Some mobile apps banking more info than you bargained for
NOT “The Real Thing”
Phony news sites push supplements
Timely warning on timeshare sales scams
Redmond Internet marketing company to reboot its claims
FBI warns of scam that hijacks your phone
Aussie Internet fraudster pleads guilty
Gain your Money Smarts at Spokane and Lacey workshops
Job scammers lurk on the Internet
Free iPad for beta testers?
Computer spyware poses as meeting reminder
Social network posts say more than you think
Who is watching you online?
This week's events for savvy consumers
KSER-AM to broadcast TeleTown Hall with McKenna tonight
All Consuming’s letter to Santa
E-mail scam: Package delivery e-mail is a computer virus
Don't be deceived by 'free' credit report offers
Cyber nightmare before Xmas
Counterfeit software can infect PCs
McKenna's top 10 shopping tips for Black Friday
Today Show spotlights post-transaction marketing
Shop online? Watch out for sneaky charges
One bad email drains $500,000 from victim's bank account
Lowdown on all those free credit report sites
Check if your email password was hacked
Talking to your kids about inappropriate Web searches
Cookie monsters
Consumers juiced by deceptive Açaí and resveratrol product ads
Could you have caused the social media meltdown?
Bellingham Herald: Sources for Consumer questions about Identity Theft
Economic scams abound. We've got your back.
Judge’s order puts skids on motorcycle parts dealer’s deceptive sales practices
Following the yellow brick road to deceitful SEOs
As if one Swine Flu virus weren’t enough
Big jump in scareware from spam
Music downloads could lead to identity theft
Quote-worthy: AGO experts in the news
Phony terrorist attacks = real computer attacks
Spring break scam: Impersonators pose as students in trouble
Do you really own your online profile and photos?
Love bugs: E-cards that carry viruses
Safer Internet Day and the fight against techno-crime
Data Privacy Day occurs during streak of breaches
Attorney General warns of bogus employment scams
Protect yourself from e-mail hijackers and spoofers
Virtual credit cards may give online shoppers peace of mind
AG McKenna proposes new consumer protection laws
Teens discuss risky behaviors on MySpace
Computer germs disguised as holiday greetings
Cyber Monday shopping tips
Creator of copycat financial Web site on the hook for violating phishing law
MyLuvCrush a not-so-sweet nothing
Attorney General sues Washington business that promised Web hits but struck out in customer service
AGs reach agreement with Craigslist to crack down on illegal sex trade ads
Stop Zombie PC attacks
IRS opens hotline for identity theft victims
Alert: Critical security hazard for MS Windows users
30 million consumers victims of fake antivirus software
Copycat YouTube pages carry bad bugs
FTC socks it to international spam gang
Coffee break: Outsmart a cybercrook
Talking to kids about Internet safety
Bank failures and takeovers create Phish-erman's Special
Destroy sensitive papers at Puget Sound shred events
Warning about
Attorney General grinds down on motorcycle parts dealer
Washington AG warns about double-click divorces
Back to School Safety Tips
Beware of a new Facebook virus
Spoofed MSNBC and CNN headlines will infect computers
I spy spyware, spam and scams
Is an online degree legit or worthwhile?
FWD: FWD: WARNING! Tell Everyone!
Four years for 'Spam King' Soloway
AG's new Internet safety site covers online gaming to senior dating
Saving on Rx drugs -- risks and deals
Ebay adds fraud protection for PayPal users
Dying hard drive? Try the freezer.
Agreement to help protect kids on Facebook
Use Internet for phone calls? Make sure you can be found in an emergency
Internet affiliate advertisers violated Washington spyware law
Phishing attack targets CEOs with fake subpoena
Internet Advancement to refund small business customers
Are you vulnerable to Windows Messenger pop-ups?
Two more high-tech crooks down
ValueClick to Pay $2.9 Million to Settle FTC Charges
CP Week Tip of the Day: Shopping online? Read the small print at checkout
Use caution looking for love online
FTC turns tables on phishing scam; cons now ask you to call local numbers
Three new identity theft scams happening right now
E-mail claiming to be from IRS is a scam
AG McKenna requests consumer protection laws
Phishing scam targets Facebook users
Beware of phony football tickets
Cell Phones Under Attack: How to block text spam and viruses
Looking for love online? Watch out for flirty bots
Social networking site users may be ripe for identity theft
AG working to protect small businesses too
Use caution when shopping online auction sites
Security software, like fire extinguishers, needs maintenance
How much is that doggie on the Internet?
Feds bust list brokers in undercover sting
Affiliate marketer violated spyware act offers tips to spot online scams
Valuable advice for credit card holders
Some free credit reports cost you
UR Nfektd! Worm targets Skype users, spreads through chat messages
Peer file-sharing programs create identity theft risk
Labor Day chores made easier with free community shredding
How to confirm whether an e-card is real or dangerous spam
New phone scam promises guaranteed student grants
Pump-and-dump scam floods e-mail inboxes
Blocking cell phone spam
Watch out for phony government e-mails
Trash the spam
Free spam and telemarketing calls! 100% legit! Act now!
Kicking the creeps off MySpace
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